iPad Air

It was only last month I posted about reading a rumour of an iPad mini gold with retina display hitting the market the end of this year.

Now, I see the new iPad Air and iPad Mini with retina display are born and I have no idea what to purchase of the three.

So I have decided I would like an iPad Air mini gold with or without retina display, please! TY

(to match the iPhone 5S gold)

Unfortunately, my new MacBook Air is NOT gold. If that comes out any time soon when I just bought it last month, well, my preference to have everything coordinate is going to really bug me!


Update: I just noticed after posting this a post noting why Apple did not go ahead with an iPad mini and iPad Air gold launch. I agree with Apple re it was just too big to achieve the right look. I can see that, just as not every vehicle looks good in every colour. Smart thinking. So I suppose my MacBook Air would not look good in gold. I guess I can see that, too.

However, I do think an iPad Air mini gold would do better than achieving a look of chunky junk jewellery seeing as it is so thin!