iPhone 5S Touch ID

image: apple.com

Technology is an ever-changing industry.

That does not change the fact I still need a smartphone today, but will I use the Touch ID feature?

Apple says it is protected:

  • “All fingerprint information is encrypted and stored inside this secure endplate in our new A7 chip. Here, it is locked away from everything else, accessible only by the touch on the sensor. It is never available to other software. It is never stored on Apple servers or backed up to iCloud.”

I still question, however… is it possible, a hacker could retrieve a fingerprint at the moment the fingerprint is signalled for activity? For example:

  • If the only time the fingerprint is active is when you sign in with it, would it not be possible for a hacker to design a program, like a snooze feature, that wakes up to the immediate signal/activity of Touch ID to grab that fingerprint?

I understand there is an option to turn off the Touch ID feature and not use it. This will be my preference, at least until I am familiar with such features.

Many workplaces request fingerprints rather than having to use passwords. I never did choose to give it. At least I had the choice. There may come a day when we no longer do…


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