Apple TV

I have not watched television for 7 years now. Most of what airs are reality shows.

When I finally found a television show I looked forward to watching every week, it was cancelled (Missing with Ashley Judd). I bought the DVD regardless to add to my collection of action genres in movies and television (what I will watch again and again). What was the network thinking after only one season? They left it with a real good cliffhanger, too!

There’s still the silver screen – bring out the popcorn!

Apple TV does seem to have some worthwhile programming, though I have not checked into it all just yet.

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iTunes Gift Cards

These are great stocking stuffers!

I recently gave one to a co-worker who suddenly became speechless, which is totally unlike said co-worker lol

MacBook Air


More than happy with this purchase! Wonderful design of consideration. No need for desktops anymore. Definitely no need for a mouse! And to think the sales clerk was asking if I wanted a mouse, which totally defeats the entire purpose of the best trackpad ever! I would have missed out!

An equal exchange of values:

  • QUIET: no buzz, no hum, no clicks from the fan or processor
  • QUICK: startup, shutdown, and charger
  • LIGHT: thin and compact makes it perfect for travel
  • KEYBOARD: smooth and silky is easy comfort
  • MULTI-TOUCH TRACKPAD: gestures make it highly efficient for the multi-tasker while keeping the screen perfectly clean (was never keen about ‘touch screen’ computers – all those oily fingerprints)

TY Apple!

iPhone 5S Touch ID


Technology is an ever-changing industry.

That does not change the fact I still need a smartphone today, but will I use the Touch ID feature?

Apple says it is protected:

  • “All fingerprint information is encrypted and stored inside this secure endplate in our new A7 chip. Here, it is locked away from everything else, accessible only by the touch on the sensor. It is never available to other software. It is never stored on Apple servers or backed up to iCloud.”

I still question, however… is it possible, a hacker could retrieve a fingerprint at the moment the fingerprint is signalled for activity? For example:

  • If the only time the fingerprint is active is when you sign in with it, would it not be possible for a hacker to design a program, like a snooze feature, that wakes up to the immediate signal/activity of Touch ID to grab that fingerprint?

I understand there is an option to turn off the Touch ID feature and not use it. This will be my preference, at least until I am familiar with such features.

Many workplaces request fingerprints rather than having to use passwords. I never did choose to give it. At least I had the choice. There may come a day when we no longer do…

Day 1: LAUNCH!

I STARGAZE AT THE GLOWING APPLE and I understand completely why actress Gwyneth Paltrow named her baby Apple.

An apple represents new beginnings and future health, or for a company innovative designs and future wealth.

I needed powerful time-saving products that would make travel easy with enough space for productivity and entertainment applications, and these had to be light, fit in the palm of my hand, respond to my fingertips, and inspire all kinds of giggles, too!

I discovered Apple’s designs. I can:

  • connect to travel from Launchpad
  • share conversations with built-in Facetime
  • download amazing apps from the App Store
  • create iPhotos and iMovies and music with GarageBand
  • listen to iTunes and iRadio

…and so much more!

I responded to Apple and recently bought a MacBook Air. Now, I am having so much fun with His Expertise!

New products like the ‘forward-thinking’ iPhone 5S I plan to buy soon. And if an iPad mini 2 Touch ID (gold with retina display) hits the market… inspires where I can go and what I can do even further.


Launch. Share. Power of Apple.